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The problem

320,000 people are believed homeless in the UK (Shelter) a number predicted to rise sharply because of COVID-19.  

80% of those experiencing homelessness also suffer from mental health issues (Homeless Link).

Art projects are proven to benefit mental health (APPG).

The Beginning

In 2018 we decided to do something about it. Combing our passion for music with the purpose of transforming lives. We began our pioneering homelessness DJ project - Turn The Tables.

To support the wellbeing of those experiencing homelessness, enabling them to overcome their situation.

We have been piloting in Edinburgh since 2018 with local homelessness charities. In this time our members have gone on to overcome low-self esteem, make lasting relationships, learn transferable skills and discover an exiting new creative output.

In 2019, Ryan, our first Turn The Tables resident DJ to come out of the project, learned to DJ from scratch, starting on vinyl records borrowed from local DJs. He went on to perform for global businesses such as Red Bull, Diageo and open for Shapeshifters in front of 1,000 people. All while still living in temporary accommodation. Ryan is now living in a flat of his own and is excited to make people dance again.

The Business model

Our ambition has always been to operate as a sustainable social enterprise. Using business for good to deliver social impact.

We provide musical entertainment to corporate events. Performed by, where appropriate, our members and the professional DJs that teach them. Proceeds are put back into the financial model and enable us to deliver our workshops and dedicated training.

Start up Funding

At the beginning of 2020 we gained start up capital from financial support from The Scottish Social Entrepreneur fund and a loan investment from Big Issue Invest.


While we have not been able to DJ in person we adapted our service to providing online support workshops to our members.

Our trading activities have currently been put on hold.

Why are we fundraising?

We are no longer able to do corporate events until 2021. As a result our ability to deliver our service is at risk and scaling our service has been delayed.

We need your support to deliver our work and enable us to expand so we can support people in need in your area.

It's a time of great need.

People experiencing homelessness have been significantly hit by the pandemic. Support services were disrupted during lockdown and many have suffered from extreme isolation, while being at higher risk than most.

A new wave of homelessness

There is a very real fear of a new wave of homelessness as a result of COVID-19.

As rules surrounding tenant evictions change we must do all we can to support the wellbeing of those people who are experiencing homelessness.

What will we use the money for?

- Increase the number of people we can support.

- Building our team including the hire of support workers and practitioners

- Equipment

- Venue hire

- Enhancing all aspects of our service

- Kickstart our UK expansion

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The arts have an important role in promoting wellbeing. Creativity is ranked 3, in top 10 transferable skills by the World Economic Forum.
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