Have you been affected by homelessness in the last 6 month and looking for support with a musical twist? Our dj workshops run weekly, taking in all popular genres of music. Through an online format and will be establishing in state of the art venues across the UK aligned with government covid-19 guidance.

We offer volunteering and employment opportunities for all dedicated members. This involves anything from djing in a barber shop to supporting an international touring dj. As well as supporting roles within the organisation.

Please sign up to our workshops below.


- Have been affected by homelessness in the last 6 months for any duration.

- Living in temporary accommodation or recently housed in the last 6 weeks.

- Already engaged in support

- Able to provide a reliable reference

- Currently not suffering from acute drug or alcohol issues.  

- Keen interest in music of any kind

- Ready to engage in learning and building lasting relationships

- Willing to shape how services are delivered

If you don’t quite meet our criteria but would love to get involved, please sign up and we will support you so you can meet the criteria as soon as possible.

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