Since 2020 we have been delivering innovative music projects based around DJing and beat making, targeting vulnerable groups of various age groups across Scotland.

So far we have delivered a range of projects through funding from Creative Scotland's following funds; Open Fund, Create:Inclusion and Youth Music Innovative. As well as funding from Edinburgh City Council and NHS Lothian Charity.

Projects involve DJ/beat making workshops, 1:1 sessions and unique live performance or studio recording opportunities (subject to delivery setting).

If learning to DJ, or beat making in the form of remixing, rapping or making beats from scratch (genres include dance music, hiphop, grime, drill and most other popular music genres) interests you or someone you work with please get in touch.


- Have been affected by homelessness or poverty

- Are experiencing mental health problems

- Already engaged in support

- Able to provide a reliable reference

- Currently not suffering from acute drug or alcohol issues.  

- Keen interest in music of any kind

- Ready to engage in learning and building lasting relationships

- Willing to shape how services are delivered

If you don’t quite meet our criteria but would love to get involved, please sign up and we will do all that we can for you.

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